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Our goal is to make our website simple and accessible, regardless of where or how it is accessed.
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Farm Bureau Bank has implemented the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [WCAG] as published by the Web Accessibility Initiative [WAI] of the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C].

There is no definitive test nor certification of conformance to Level AA of the WCAG, but we have used a variety of methods for assessing accessibility. If you find a part of the site that you feel does not conform to Level AA of the WCAG, please contact us.

Farm Bureau Bank strives to make every page accessible to users but cannot guarantee that every page is Level AA compliant.

Farm Bureau Bank has used WCAG guidelines for compliance as suggested by the Department of Justice.

Farm Bureau Bank chose to use WCAG for compliance because they are determined by the W3C, the consortium that makes all guidelines for the Internet, worldwide.

Level Double-A conformance,
            W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

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