FB-Org Money Market Accounts

Competitive rates that reward higher balances while keeping your money accessible when you need it.
  • Our best rates for the Farm Bureau family
  • Tiered-rate account – Earn more interest as your balance increases
  • Easy access to funds using free online transfers, checks, or debit card

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  • Interest Rate - Up to 2.50% APY*
  • Minimum Initial Deposit - None
  • Transaction Limitations - Six (6) withdrawals per month/cycle1
  • Monthly Account Fee - None2
  • Interest Rate - Up to 0.11% APY*
  • Minimum Initial Deposit - $100
  • Transaction Limitations - Six (6) withdrawals per month/cycle1
  • Monthly Account Fee - None2
  • Interest Rate - Up to 2.50% APY*
  • Minimum Initial Deposit - None
  • Transaction Limitations - Six (6) withdrawals per month/cycle1
  • Monthly Account Fee - $10 (may be waived)
    • Maintain a $15,000 minimum average daily balance to avoid the monthly account fee2
  • Interest Rate - Up to 2.50% APY*
  • Minimum Initial Deposit - $250,000
  • Transaction Limitations - Six (6) withdrawals per month/cycle1
  • Monthly Account Fee - None2

Additional FB-Org MMA features:

  • Free online banking, eStatements, and FBBmobile banking app with mobile deposit4
  • Free checkbook option (upon request)5
  • Free Visa® debit card
  • Existing, eligible customers can upgrade to an FB-Org MMA6
  • All MMAs are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor
  • Full FDIC insurance for deposits up to $100 million (with ICS)3


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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Check deposits can be made either by mail or using your mobile device with the FBBmobile app. You may also transfer funds to your account electronically from another bank (via ACH or wire transfer) or directly deposit your paycheck (contact your employer for more info).

Mail Deposits

To make a deposit by mail, send the check and deposit slip to:
  • Farm Bureau Bank
    PO Box 33427
    San Antonio, TX 78265-3427

Make sure all checks are properly endorsed and include your account number on the back of the check under your endorsement.

Mobile Deposits

To make a mobile deposit:
  1. Sign the back of the check and include the following above or below your endorsement:
    • For mobile deposit at Farm Bureau Bank

  2. Log in to FBBmobile on your mobile device.
    • Go to Menu.
    • Go to Transactions.
    • Go to Deposit Check.
    • Select the Account.
    • Enter the amount.
    • Click Save.
  3. Capture front and back image of the check with your phone's camera.
  4. Submit deposit.
  • You may contact us by phone, mail, email, or fax to request checks.
  • You can also re-order checks online by visiting https://ordermychecks.com and entering our routing number, your account number, and zip code.

E-Option is a paperless statement option for checking and Money Market Accounts [MMAs]. It may earn a higher rate than a non E-Option account. If you select E-Option, you will not receive a paper statement. You will view your monthly statements electronically by logging into online banking.

To elect E-Option, please contact us at 800.492.3276, Monday – Friday from 7am – 7pm CT or email us at [email protected].


1 Savings and Money Market Accounts [MMA] are limited to six (6) withdrawals per statement cycle. For transactions exceeding this limit, excessive withdrawal penalty fees may apply according to current fee schedule.

2 See applicable Business Deposit Fee Schedule for detailed fee information.

3 Now part of IntraFi℠ Network Deposits℠ (DDA-MMDA Option). Network Deposits℠ and ICS are registered service marks of IntraFi Network LLC. Placement of funds through the IntraFi℠ Network Deposits℠ service is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the service agreements, including the Deposit Placement Agreement [DPA]. Limits apply, and customer eligibility criteria may apply.

4 Must be enrolled in online/mobile banking.

5 First order of MMA checks may be free upon request.

6 'Eligible customer' for the FB-Org Money Market Account means a Farm Bureau-affiliated organization.

Fees could reduce earnings on deposit accounts.

The Annual Percentage Yield [APY] and interest rate on tiered rate accounts will change based on the account balance, as indicated by the tiers on the Rate page. If the balance increases or decreases into a different tier, the new rate yield and rate will take effect the date the balance changes and applies to the entire balance of the account.