Remote Deposit Capture [RDC]

Reduce transportation and process costs and decrease returned item risk while enhancing your cash management operations and cash flow.
Perfect for you if:
  • You need to make deposits faster from anywhere.
  • You need to deposit multiple checks as a single deposit.


  • Securely transmit check deposits directly to the bank.1
  • Download reports in CSV and PDF formats.
  • Download check images in PDF format.
  • Increased deposit frequency and timing ensures quick access to funds.
  • Improved cash flow and working capital for your business.
  • Eliminate cost and time associated with trips to the bank.
  • Make deposits until 4:30 pm CT for same-day credit, next-day availability.
  • Discretionary data fields allow you to enter customized information about the checks you deposit.
  • Accelerated check clearing2 for faster notification of return items, reducing your exposure to fraud and loss.
  • Banking convenience regardless of where you are geographically or the number of business locations you have.
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      1 Check deposits are transmitted through Farm Bureau Bank’s RDC portal using the provided check scanner; no additional software required.

      2 For same-day credit and next-day availability, checks must be received by 4:30 pm CT.

      All Business Checking Accounts and Treasury Management Services [TMS] are subject to approval and limitations. Normal credit qualifications apply. Additional maintenance and processing fees apply. Enrollment in Treasury Management Services does not replace the legal terms and conditions of any Business Checking Account. Please refer to your agreement and related disclosures for the legal terms and conditions which will affect your product of service.