Lockbox Services

Simplify your workload by outsourcing the collection, processing, and posting of payments. 
Perfect for you if:
  • You want to improve staff productivity and reduce in-house processing costs. 
  • You want to reduce collections float.
  • You have an influx of remittances creating overwhelming peak periods. 
  • You process payments at multiple locations. 
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Benefits and Features:

  • Turn receivables into working cash by having remittance payments sent directly to a PO BOX where our representatives pick up and process the items daily. 
  • State of the art technology assures the delivery of timely and accurate processing per your defined specifications. 
  • Images of items are available for 7 years via a secure site. 
  • Daily reporting sent to you by email. 
  • Customized data files created for you containing daily remittance information are available. 


All Business Checking Accounts and Treasury Management Services [TMS] are subject to approval and limitations. Normal credit qualifications apply. Additional maintenance and processing fees apply. Enrollment in Treasury Management Services does not replace the legal terms and conditions of any Business Checking Account. Please refer to your agreement and related disclosures for the legal terms and conditions which will affect your product or service.